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Please be part of the 100% participation and $100,000 goal!

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Please be part of the 100% participation and $100,000 goal!

ICSAtlanta 2021 Fall Giving

ICSAtlanta offers exceptional, innovative education with significantly less funding than our neighboring public schools. Each year, we hold our Fall Giving campaign to help bridge the gap between the state funding we receive and our operating costs. Our goal is $100,000 and 100% family participation.Your generous contribution also helps our school by increasing our participation rate. When ICSAtlanta applies for grants, foundations will see the tremendous parental support behind our school and will be more likely to award additional funding to such a strongly supported program.

Donate early for chances to win fun prizes and support your school. We thank you for donating at a level that is comfortable and meaningful to you. Each donation tier includes the preceding level gifts, and weekly drawings begin at the $50 level. We are grateful to all of our donors for being Proud of the Pack!